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Boon Siew D'Sign Pte. Ltd is an ultra-progressive, robust interior design company with offices strategically located in Singapore and Malaysia. Both countries have crafted a niche for themselves and are accepted as the artistic, cultural and commercial hub of Asia. Aware of its significance and alive to its international clientele, this company is adaptable, with no stringent adherence to style and form.

BSD enjoys diversity and artistic opportunity, working in a vibrant and refreshing international ambience. The company's vision is to fashion beautiful living spaces which meets its clients' functional, aesthetic and economic objectives with due regard for the environment. Its perspective is bound by an abiding esteem for historical architecture blended with profound reverence for the vibrancy of contemporary design.

BSD has expertise and experience in all projects, from smaller home interior renovations to larger commercial renovation assignments. On new design projects and commercial renovations the company focuses on interiors, in synchrony with architectural and building themes. With a responsive, flexible, multi-directional and client-centric approach, our interior designers work seamlessly with those who know what they want, translating aspirations into reality. For clients less certain about their needs, the company walks them through the design process and aids them in sculpting their own aesthetics.

This far-east based interior design company can help you find creative solutions for all your design problems. It will keep you abreast of contemporary designs and help you avoid time-consuming and expensive pitfalls. BSD is committed to interiors which express and simplify the complex interrelationships between color and materials, space and form, place and architecture.

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